Meet Susan

susan michal fine art

Susan Michal is an internationally published, award winning artist. Susan’s unique and compelling images have been used in calendars, greeting cards and posters around the world. Her art has been displayed in prestigious galleries, corporate locations and prominent homes. She is the author of two books highlighting her work, Flowers in Transition and Dancers in Motion.

Susan has served as President and Chairman of the Board for Professional Photographers of America. She holds the Master Craftsman Degree in photography and is certified by the Professional Photographers of America. Susan is one of only 120 photographers to receive the prestigious fellowship from The American Society of Photographers and is a member of the society of twenty five. 


"I combine my intense love of art, a visionary style and devotion that knows no bounds to ensure your wedding images will truly be a one of a kind and unique…just like you."

— Susan Michal

Completly Random Fun Facts

My Young Loves

StudioI have 8 great nieces and nephews that I love as if they were my children! I spend my free time taking them shopping, to movies and their favorite Japanese Steakhouse! We also have lots of sleep overs!!

It’s time for a woman to be President

In 2015 I was the first woman president of PPA in over 10 years and one of only 7 in 138 years! Professional Photographers of America is the largest photographic association in the world and I am honored to be a part of it!


Before I worked in the photography industry, I was a professional singer for 25 years! I sang in LA and that is where I developed my love of photography. Above is my headshot from my singing days!

Turner and Hooch, I was there!

I helped my friend Charley buy all the food and fruit needed for the kitchen demolition seen. THEN, I sat by Tom Hanks and watched it be filmed! Click here to watch the scene from Turner and Hooch! Watch closely and you will see the breakfast nook where Tom and I sat all day! Ps… there were 4 dogs!