Bridal Sessions


One of the most exciting things about planning your wedding is finding the perfect dress. Once you have made your choice  you should consider planning a Bridal session with your photographer.

A bridal session is a session with the bride in her gown. This session gives the bride an opportunity to dress in her gown, have her hair and makeup done and can act as a rehearsal for the actual wedding day. This is a great way to make sure that everything feels right with the gown, while there is still time to handle any unexpected issues that may come up. It is a wonderful day to share with your mom, a sister or a best friend. Those closest to you can can enjoy being with you without interruptions and the normal stress of the wedding day.

This session will give you an opportunity to give your hair and make up a trial run before the actual wedding day. Being in your gown with all of your accessories will help insure that everything is the way you want it for the big day. Simply trying the dress on is very different than actually moving in it.

This session can be lots of fun. It is exciting to be dressed in your gown for the first time. It is a wonderful opportunity to get images that are more difficult on the wedding day. It really is a gift you give yourself. I encourage my brides to include their mother, sister and even the maid of honor on this day. It is a time they can enjoy being with you and see you in your gown without feeling pulled to handle wedding day duties. It is great to make this a girls day. Have a little lunch and just really enjoy yourself.

The images from this session can be really exciting. I feel that at least a few formally posed images are great to show the dress at it’s best. These are usually the ones that your mom & dad and grandparents will want. Even for a bride that wants a more casual photo journalistic look to their images will see the value in these type of photographs. Once these are done we can do some more fashion type images. These are usually the ones that will be everybody’s favorites. Think about all of the cool images you have seen in all of the magazines as you planned your wedding. These types of images require some time and direction. The end result is fabulous!!