Designing your Wedding book


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To my future fellow brides,

I wanted to take a moment to share with you the important decision on choosing a wedding photographer since you truly are capturing memories to share for a lifetime!  First let me start with Susan Michal is an exceptional photographer, from the capturing the memories of your wedding to her outstanding customer service! Another thing to consider is how long a photographer keeps your pictures.  For instance, after our wedding we only ordered 1 or 2 prints and mainly focused on our Wedding Album since I pictured it sitting on our coffee table for everyone to see.  However after almost  8 years and 2 children, who would have imagined I’d be calling Susan asking for more wedding prints.  Something I would have never considered at the time is how much our children LOVE looking at our wedding album!!!! My daughter and son loving seeing me dressed up like a “princess!” (That is what they call me when we look at our album.)  I can’t express the feelings and joy I have sitting with my children looking back on our wedding day memories.  For that reason, I decided to order more prints for our house. I even put one in my daughter’s room.  Last but not least, even though it had been 8 years Susan treated me like I was just as important as a current client! As usual, she responded quickly and took the time in helping me choose which pictures I wanted to order.

Thank you Susan for all you do and for capturing not just pictures but memories to share with generations!

Karin MacLellan  May 2004 Bride”


Most couples will choose to have a custom book designed using their favorite images.

There are many options for the design of your wedding book. These books have become a work of art, as technology has allowed for options that would have only been a dream a few years ago. Susan Michal Portrait studio offers only the highest quality coffee table books available. There are many cover options such as exotic leathers and silks. They are custom printed on the highest quality paper, and finished with the utmost attention given to every detail.

This book will become an important reminder of one of the most special days of your lives.

The book we design and make for you is very different than anything you can design and print yourself. Our DYI, social media driven world make it all appear so simple. But there is an complex art to design and book making. Just fixing something in photoshop or dragging and dropping images into a pre designed template, has made the art of design seem, well… like a lost art. It’s really NOT all that easy, as you will find out if you attempt to do all of this yourself. In fact, it is not uncommon to have a bride or a mother of the bride call in tears asking us to make a book for them after they have hired a photograher that cannot do this for them.

Composition and a creative eye makes all the difference. Cookie cutter may be for some, but many brides and grooms still appreciate the value of custom work, and WANT it.  Susan has years of experience, arranging images that tell a story.  Just the right image in just the right location can make all the difference. It is by choice and design, that starts when the first image is taken on your wedding day. Through out the day, Susan is thinking about how the images she captures will work together in a wedding book that will tell your unique story. As the years fly by this book will become a priceless possession. Something that you will admire and share over and over again.

When it comes to designing a wedding book…

there are few photographers that are as experienced as Susan. With hundreds and hundreds of books designed during her more than 20 years of experience in the wedding industry, your book will be a true, one of a kind work of art featuring you!