Planning your Engagement Session

CoverImage(garlington)Engagement Sessions

An engagement session is usually arranged just after the engagement. The images are often used in a formal announcement of the engagement, a save the date card, or in the newspaper. Many couples will use some of these images for the wedding day, either as a portrait at the guest table or as a guest book instead of the more traditional sign in book. They make great gifts for the parents, close family members and friends of the couple.

Engagement sessions can be in the studio, outside or on location at a place that means something special to the couple. Going back the location of the actual proposal can be a fun way to share your story with family and friends. Years later these images will take you back to that moment over and over again. Making it personal will mean more to you in the future. Think outside the box! Fun, classic, cute, casual, whatever fits your personalities is right for you!

Clothing should be simple and timeless. Color coordinated clothing will look best. Soft colors such as pastels work well. Although there are many options, jeans or kakis are a safe choice, as they never go out of style and work well with almost any color choice. Very trendy clothing can outdate the portrait years from now. Keep in mind that shoes will date a portrait more than anything else you wear. Women should avoid sleeveless garments and anything tight. You will want to be able to sit easily. Loud or patterned clothing will take attention away from the main subject and should be avoided. In general, shorts are not a good choice. Avoid very bright colors as they tend to reflect into the face causing an unnatural color.

There are many ways to showcase your engagement images. One of the most popular is a storybook of 18-24 images that celebrate your relationship and the love you have for each other. This can be one in a series of books that will highlight your wedding images or replace the traditional guest book. Guest can leave messages and well wishes to the bridal couple. Years from now this will become a treasured memory reminding you of your family and friends love for you. There are many options available for your images, such as custom designed save the date cards or save the date booklets, perfect for destination weddings. Portraits from this session will look beautiful in your home and make a great gift for family and special friends