A note from Susan


Of all the decisions you will make when planning your wedding, the one that will be the most important to you when you look back on this very special day, is the photographer you choose to capture and document the beauty, joy and emotion of your wedding day.

Your wedding images should reflect your love, hopes and dreams that will be treasured throughout your life together. With care and creativity Jacksonville, Florida photographer, Susan MichalĀ  can bring to life images that will meet your highest expectations.


A note to the Bride & Groom

Photographing weddings is a passion and a privilege. What I enjoy most is seeing little moments of emotion unfold right in front of me and being able to capture and save that image forever. I am inspired and thankful for the trust that my brides and grooms have in me. They are willing to allow me to be present and to let me be a part of some of the most intimate and important moments of their lives. Their understanding of my tasteful and unobtrusive approach allows me to let things happen naturally.

Every wedding is unique. Every couple will have different needs. I feel it is important to understand what each individual couple’s needs are. It is my goal to photograph what is special and unique about every wedding. I want to begin each wedding without a preconceived idea of what the outcome might be. While there will always be certain images that are needed, such as family and friends, what I enjoy most are the little unplanned moments that come to me like a surprise gift. In the end these are the moments that count. These are the moments that we want to remember forever.

I look forward to the possibility of working with you!

Susan Michal