Note From Susan


Thanks for visiting my portrait studio and photography website. I am a photographer and artist. I am creative and passionate about what I do.

Most of my friends and clients don’t know that I was a singer and musician and made a living doing that for twenty five years before I began my career in photography. During my music years, I spent fifteen years living in Los Angeles and got to see and do a lot of very cool things that contributed to my love of photography. One of them was visiting movie sets that my friends worked on. I became very intrigued with lighting and set building which I feel has always been something that sets me apart from other photographers.

My first experience with photography was having my own images taken and retouched for my music portfolio. I found out firsthand the difference between letting a friend who was just learning photography try to do it and a hiring a professional. There is a reason a rockstar looks the way they do in the images they use. The photographers they use know what they are doing. Seeing an image of myself go through the process from capture to the final art work is when I got bitten by the photography bug. This is one reason I feel so strong about never letting work that is not retouched leave the studio… it’s simply not finished. Call me a temperamental artist, but it is to my clients benefit and Iʼll own that!

While in LA I began taking photography courses through a local college and ended up studying there for 3 years. To put it simply…I became obsessed. I never thought I would want to give up my music, but that is exactly what happened in 1997 after moving back to Jacksonville when I decided to go into photography full time as a profession! I purchased the studio property in 1998 and have never looked back.

My photography is and has always been about people. I love to travel and appreciate beautiful landscapes, but somehow it always feels like something is missing if there is not a person in the image. Even when I travel to a beautiful place I always seem to gravitate towards an image that involves a person. I am intrigued by people and their lives and I love to use that in my photography.

My professional photography has always been about the events and important moments that happen in my clients lives. Over the years we have had some laughs, shared special moments and sadly a few tears. My life and profession is about sharing and documenting my clients lives and photographing all of the special moments they want to remember forever. The birth of a child, a graduating senior, a wedding, an inauguration and even Super Bowl Jacksonville.

I am blessed and very lucky. My photography career has allowed me entree to places and events I otherwise would have never gotten to experience.

I admit, Superbowl was pretty great, but the most important things, to me, are the everyday things. Like how it feels every time a parent brings a newborn to the studio, watching a senior graduate that you have photographed since they were two years old, being there as a bride starts her walk down the aisle and capturing the look on her parents face as she begins her own family or photographing grandparents with their family and grandchildren knowing they will not be with us forever.

As a professional photographer this is what means so much to me. My clients have entrusted me with the most important moments in their lives. It is a task I take very seriously. I thank each and every one of my clients for inviting me to be a part of their lives.

If this is your first visit to the studio I look forward to getting to know you and your family. If you are a returning client, I look forward to catching up with you soon.

As always, I look forward to creating something unique and timeless for you and your family to enjoy for years to some.


Susan Michal