01. What happens if its raining on my session day?TOP

Since we live in Florida we know it can be raining in the backyard and not in the front yard! That said, it is sometimes really hard to call. Since I always prefer to work on an overcast day rather than a really sunny day. Sometimes the light before or after a rain shower can be magical. Typically, I will make the call about 2 hours before the session. Worst case, we will reschedule. FYI we have got caught in a downpour in the middle of a session a few times. We ended up working in our outdoor covered studio area and got beautiful images.

02. What happens if my children don’t behave or have a meltdown?TOP

Don’t worry! If you can just let it go and stay calm everything will be fine. We are so used to working with kids that it wont faze us. In fifteen years we have never had a situation we’ve not been able to overcome… even the worst meltdown. Just trust us and it will turn out great!

03. My child fell and has a mark across their face. What should I do?TOP

First, do not try to cover it with makeup. That will only make it worse.
We can fix just about anything, so no worries. If there is a lot of swelling or
a serious blackeye we should probably re schedule if possible. Swelling can be very hard to fix. If its a situation where we need to do the session anyway, maybe you have family in from out of town we will make it work!

04. How do I see my images?TOP

Your images will be ready to view 7-10 days after your session. We will prepare your images and present them in your private ordering session. During your ordering session we will go through your images and help you choose your images and the best way to present and finish them.

05. Can I view my images online?TOP

We do not post images online. For out of town clients we can provide online appointments so that we can assist in the selection process in the same way we do our in studio ordering sessions.

06. Can I get a digital files of my images?TOP

We are a full service studio that specializes in creating personal fine art for your home. We do not sell or release full resolution files of our work. We do offer web sized files of images that you have purchased prints of for use on social media and mobile devices as an additional product.

07. How long does it take to complete my order?TOP

It usually takes 4-6 weeks to complete a regular portrait order and 8-12 weeks for larger art pieces. Some oils and special pieces may take longer. If you need something sooner please let us know at your ordering session.

08. How long do you store my images?TOP

We store images that are ordered from in the event you need additional images. Images not ordered from during your initial ordering session may not be available once your order has been delivered and finalized.

09. What should I do if my child is sick?TOP

We know this happens. all we ask is that you respect our time and let us know as soon as possible. Sick babies and children are usually not very happy so its usually best to reschedule.

10. Can we include our dog in our portraits?TOP

Absolutely! The studio is very dog friendly. We love to include pets in your portraits.

11. What are my payment options?TOP

We take all major credit cards, checks and cash. We want you to be able to have all that you want. We can also offer payment plans.