Why Every Photographer Should Compete

I have always felt like entering my photography into competitions would help me grow as an artist. There are many different competitions available to photographers that can help get their art noticed.

One of the most important ones for photographers is Professional Photographers of America’s International Photographic Competition. As a long time member of PPA I have always been a supporter of this competition. Having your work judged by your peers is perhaps one of the best ways for a photographer to learn and grow.

Choosing the right images to enter into any competition can be a daunting task! While PPA’s membership is primarily wedding and portrait photographers, the competition actually reflects all of the many facets of PPA’s members. There will be landscapes, commercial and food photography along with portraits, weddings and many other types of photographic art.

Photography has gone through so many changes over the last ten years and PPA members continue to be at the forefront of these changes and always pushing the boundaries.

I received my Master Photography degree from PPA in 2001. I have continued to enter this competition over the last 15 years. I recently received my Imaging Excellence Award. This is awarded to a photographer achieving 13 print merits over the needed merits for their Masters Degree. It’s that time again and I have been working to choose images for this years competition. Every photographer that enters hope for the holy grail of a ”perfect case”. This would be four merits and four loan prints, resulting in a Diamond Photographer of the year award. This is no easy feat! As with any competition, you can never predict what will do well. Opinions differ and what the Judges think will vary based on the make up of the panel.

Having the courage to enter competition can really help you grow as an artist. Developing a tough skin is a must for any artist. To see a sample of some of the images entered in to PPA’s competition go to www.ppa.com or find PPA’s loan collection and showcase books on Amazon.


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