Custom Artwork

Our goal is to create beautiful images for our clients that are a true reflection of their personality… Images that are a priceless moment in time… preserved forever!


Susan Michal specializes in creating commissioned art pieces for your home. The portrait begins with a camera study that focuses on capturing the unique personality of the subject and then enhancing the image in the style of your choice through multi media techniques and classic fine art hand finishing.


Oil Interpretations

The most popular style is our portraits finished with oils. These portraits are classic and timeless. Susan style is a very realistic interpretation that enhances the beauty of the original image chosen from your camera study. Susan will work with you to choose colors and a style that will compliment both your home and the original image. Oils portraits are finished on the finest artisan canvases in the traditional european style. This is truly a gift of love that will be treasured by you and your family for many generations.


Watercolor Interpretations

Water color portraits a softer more pastel interpretation, finished on a fine art textured paper. This style is perfect for a three quarter face study. It is also a beautiful choice when the clothing colors are light and soft. A great example for our watercolor series would be Bridal, Mother and baby, young children and babies. These portraits are traditionally finished in a matted frame with glass.


Limited Editions

Susan also offers a limited edition series of vintage hand colored portraits. These portraits are sepia toned portraits finished with translucent oils. Susan’s Forever Friends calendars have been sold internationally in this style for fifteen years. This is a beautiful and timeless choice great for children under six years of age.

In addition throughout the year the studio offers limited edition portraits in different styles. The limited edition portrait series usually involve very specific and often elaborate set design. For this reason they are only available at certain times. If you are interested in one of our limited edition portrait series we will add you to the list and let you know when we will be offering them. Some of the most popular limited editions portraits series are Fairies, Cowboys and in the style of Norman Rockwell.


Custom Portrait Design

The creative possibilities are endless and having your portrait created is an exciting experience! We use our knowledge and talent to make your portrait a one of a kind original and your studio experience a pleasant one by involving you in every aspect of the design process.

Together, we will create a portrait that is a true reflection of your unique personality and relationships. The result will be a work of art that you can display with pride, knowing that you were involved in creating a lasting family treasure.

Portrait Style

There are many options to choose from for your portrait. The choice is entirely up to you! We are happy to create portraits in a variety of locations. Your home, boat, the beach or a favorite secret place of your own are just a few of the many location possibilities. If you prefer to have a portrait done in our studio or our portrait garden, we have a large selection of backdrops and picturesque settings for you to utilize.

There are many decisions and choices to be made and we will be here to assist you every step of the way. Whether you prefer formal, informal, classic, contemporary, romantic, storytelling, impressionistic or realistic styles, we will work together to determine an appropriate mood and location for your portrait session.

In Home Design

Susan will be happy to visit you in your home to further assist you in planning your portrait. This complimentary visit can be very helpful in pre-planning the specific design, color scheme and finished portrait placement. If you chose to be photographed in your home, Susan can also help you choose the perfect location to photograph your portrait. The more specific your are about placement and style of your portrait before the actual session- the easier the entire planning and portrait session process becomes.